D.L Hughley Responds to Megyn Kelly Interview

In one of the most powerful interviews to date, D.L. Hughley stopped by Sway in the Morning to explain his latest interview with Megan Kelly.

The actor explained that right before he went on the show, Fox News had Mark Furman, former LAPD officer who has admitted to using extreme police brutality in the past, saying there is no racism in policing. Hughley goes on to say that he also won’t except the “black on black crime” argument anymore considering if you put any species, no matter what race, in a small vicinity, you will have crime. So when people use the “well why don’t we focus on the killings in Chicago” argument, it’s just an excuse to not focus on police brutality, which is obviously a huge problem.

He goes on to say that if the police are so nervous and scared and they’re trained, then what about me? D.L. says in no disrespect that the police knew what they were getting into when they took this job, so if you’re so nervous all the time, then perhaps this job is not for you. “They are slaughtering black people and brown people and they know what they’re doing so they have to tell themselves these lies so it’s ok” D.L. says.  He also doesn’t want to be considered an activist or leader, he just wants to be a mirror.