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D.L. Hughley is one of the most popular and highly recognized standup comedians on the road today has also made quite an impression in the television, film and radio arenas.First and foremost a standup comedian, he stars in his 5th stand-up comedy special “Reset” which is currently airing on Showtime. In addition, D.L’s first humorous book title, I Want You to Shut the F*ck Up, is out in bookstores. DL also created and starred in the satirical documentary special for Comedy Central “D.L. Hughley: The Endangered List” and is a part of the groundbreaking “Black and Brown Comedy Get Down” tour.
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For two centuries, presidents hoping to secure their legacies have sought out biographers. But who could possibly capture the inspiring yet bizarre reality of the first black man to call the White House his crib, a tenure that brought hope, change, and health care to millions, but also spawned birthers, backlash, and the bewildering rise of Donald Trump? Thankfully, as the end of President Barack Obama’s pioneering two terms in office drew near, the First Lady had a stroke of genius: “Honey, all these presidential biographies are written by old white guys. Why not hook a brother up for once?”

Enter D.L. Hughley. When the comedy legend got the call from the White House, he knew this was the assignment of a lifetime. Of course he would become a political biographer: what else could his decades of experience bringing unflinching truth and hilarity to the American people have been building toward?

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Is It Just Me?

As America enters an era that is all too similar to our troubled past; D.L. Hughley has emerged as a voice to which we can all lend an ear to -- not simply just for a laugh or entertainment, but, as an individual who understands the issues surrounding us and can help let us see the world through his eyes.

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